Your Guide to 2019



Vedic Astrology – Your Guide to 2019 – Gary O’Toole


The future is yours to mould. ​Here are the ingredients.

As planets continue to gather in Sagittarius, the sign of ‘doing the right thing’, the stage is set for some big shakeups that will reshape and reorder our world in the coming years.

Things will be brought up from the past, to be dealt with now; things that cannot be put off any longer. We are, however, likely to leave it until we have no choice left.

This is what we do, and the journey from Sagittarius to Capricorn, which begins in 2019, and takes firmer hold in 2020. It’s time to get real and realize that reality is our friend, not our enemy.

Start making the necessary changes now!

Join Gary O’Toole to discover how to take on 2019 and win!


Gary O’Toole


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