You Are Enough


You Are Enough – It’s Time To Hard Wire it into Your Mind – Pauline Rohdich


In this workshop, you will learn the rules of the mind and how to make it your ally.

You will hear that the belief that we are not enough is the common denominator to all of our emotional issues.

Discover how this impacts your life and experience a powerful regression and rewiring hypnotic session, where I will show you, when, how and where you formed a belief of not being enough.

I will then show you how to change that belief while wiring in a powerful phrase that your mind will never reject because it’s true, ‘I am Enough.’

You will receive a recording to listen to for 21 days in order to create a new habit and rewire your brain.

Remember, you first make your habits and then your habits make you.


Pauline Rohdich


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