Why Ionised Water is Better

Ionised Water



Water is involved in so many aspects of our daily lives from proper hydration, bathing, showering, oral and skin health, food, and beverage preparation to cleaning your home.

And I meet more and more people who feel confused about what type of water they should drink & use… Most of us know that:

Tap water is a chemical cocktail
Bottled water is very little regulated, it is expensive and full of preservatives. But also plastic is poisoning our planet.
Filtered water is a minefield for many and most of the times all the minerals are being removed from the water therefore water is dead.

Everybody knows that our bodies are made of 70% of water. And everyone knows that our bodies are designed to heal themselves when we create the right environment in the body.

There is another water type which is delicious filtered alkaline water with powerful antioxidants that can help your body maintain a balanced pH level.

Ionized water is alkalizing on the body which has many beneficial properties and has shown to create a better balance in our bodies or homeostasis.

Ionized water is not only alkalizing but full of antioxidants which helps to clear the toxins from the body.

Through the ionization process, the water is re-energised with properties similar to those found in only a few places in the world


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