When Darkness Surrounds You Be the Light


When Darkness Surrounds You Be the Light – Bernadette O’Connor


Beyond #metoo: Reclaiming Your Power From the Heart 
Heal the wounds of your victim and rise into your power

Have you ever been disempowered?
Do you blame others for taking your power?
Is your story keeping you stuck in the past and continuing to diminish your power?

Join Bernadette O’Connor, Australian Author and Kinesiologist to explore the energy of disempowerment, victim woundology and the power paradox – those who feel powerless will abuse their power when they eventually reclaim it unless the rise is from the heart.

In this workshop, Bernadette will support you in the challenge to move beyond the #metoo movement, which blocks your true rise to power by holding you in your victim energy.

With reference to the teachings within her internationally acclaimed novel, Beneath The Veil Bernadette will introduce you to a series of simple techniques to:

– Release the emotional energy attached to your wounds
– Reclaim your energy
– Cultivate heart-centred power
– Rise in your power to inspire others to heal and in turn reclaim their power #shewhorisestransformsall.

How can a farm girl like me in the middle of nowhere on the west coast of Ireland change the world?’ ‘It is not just about you anymore, Clara. You are doing this work for all those women who came before you and all those who will come after you. Those women who never had the chance to heal themselves and for all those women who will never have this chance. In rising in your power, you lead the way for other women to do the same.’ Aunt Maeve to Clara, p274 Beneath The Veil.


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