Using your mind as a tool to achieve success


Using your mind as a tool to achieve success – Fiona Brennan


We all aspire to achieve goals in our lives regularly. Some are quite significant, possibly life changing, and some are more simple and seemingly straightforward. We all start with the basics of what we want, and then commit to starting the work of achieving it. We might put a plan in place, set ourselves time limits and targets etc.

But many times we do not get to the end. We struggle to keep up with the commitment, with the additional strains of trying to make changes, with the road blocks we meet along the way etc. It is said that 95% of all new years resolutions are never completed. Why is that?

Today I am going to explain to you the mindset behind achieving successful goals. How we can use our minds to get to where we want to be. How we can establish the Why of our goal, its purpose and a way to bring forward the success of the goal into your life before you have achieved it. Success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset, yet a lot of people do not focus on the mindset.

Drop by today to hear some information that will help you succeed with your 2020 aspirations.


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