Susanna Wunsch

Susan Winch

Susanna Wunsch – Silver Sonic Scape Sound healing ceremonies, Sweatlodges, Drum teacher.


 Susanna studied the teachings from Sun Bear and Manitonquat for many years. She leads drum-, talking- and healing circles, medicine walks and sweat lodges. She’s a Reiki Master, has studied astrology and djembe drumming. But the most important studies of her life is life in all its aspects. Today she knows that although she actually had no chance to be born at all, somehow she’s always in exactly the right place. Maybe to share her experiences?

Her baskets are filled with shamanic drums, djembes, singing bowls, percussion, flute, lyra, gong, rattles, didgeridoo and yew harps. It’s her passion to do shamanic sound journeys.

Silver Sonic Scape Journeys are installations of a soundscape that will bring you to the bottom of your soul. Let yourself be carried by the drums, massaged by the singing bowls and gong. Fly with the flute, dance with the lyre and let your soul dangle in the sound of exotic instruments. The songs will maybe touch your soul.

Silver Sonic Scape Sessions are a musical experience that invites you to be active and be part of the piece of music we create together. Choose various instruments from different cultures and let yourself be carried and fall to the rhythm that arises together. Note knowledge is not required, as all instruments can be played intuitively.

Silver Sonic Scape Dance is an experience for body and soul. Her Session Group Animo Balzamo spreads a carpet of sound that is the basis for your individual dance. Let yourself be carried, guided, fallen, accompanied to the dance of your hearts and the freedom of your souls. Various rhythms invite to deep experiences from the movement. Be yourself.

Monthly she runs the Cacao/Silver Sonic Scape Ceremony in Flagmount Wild Garden.

Near Gort she offers Spiral Drumming Courses for women. She teaches basic rhythms to get to improvised rhythms. Very often it ends with shamanic drumming. She shared lessons, sessions and journeys at different locations. e.g. Tara Festival, Craggaunowen, Green Spiral, Burren Art Gallery, Shamanic tribe Gathering, England – Shropshire, Germany – Aachen,…

In Germany, she taught drumming at schools, holiday programmes, feasts and small festivals for children, women and people with special needs for many years. In a clinical context, she provided sound journeys for people with mental health issues. Regularly she offered sweat lodges, shamanic drumming and healing circles with many sound journeys.

Many years ago she fell in love with Ireland, left everything behind and moved at the summer solstice 2017 to this beautiful country. Here she’s at home, enjoys the many meetings with great people and shares her Silver Sonic Scape with many souls.

Now she provides those journeys, sessions, dances and circles all over Ireland. She’s ready to travel to your place. Her car is quickly loaded with many drums, singing bowls, percussions, other instruments and blankets.

She’s looking forward to accompanying you on a part of your journey Silver Sonic Scape on Facebook


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