Stepping into Your Personal Power


Stepping into Your Personal Power to Take Back Control of Your Life – Dolores Andrew-Gavin



Our actions are fuelled by our thoughts and our beliefs and our brains become hard-wired to do things the same way time and time again based on these beliefs.

But what if we want to change the course of something in our life. Perhaps we want to follow a dream we once had, or we want to change career, or we may simply feel stuck in a rut.

In this workshop, I will take you through the process of owning the story of your life where it is at now and share with you ways to become aware of what is holding you back and how to change the course and direction of where you are going.

Learning how to change your beliefs is the easy bit, putting it into practice can be harder but with a step by step method which I call Finding Your Point of Power I will guide you through the process and allow you to see that when you take back your personal power you take back control over your own life.

We will also discuss self-esteem and confidence and feelings of belonging to firstly yourself and to the world in general.


Dolores Andrew-Gavin


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