Source Creations


Source Creations – Shawn Flanigan


I’m a visual artist based in Cork. My designs are an exploration of shape, colour and the underlying geometry of the Universe. Each design represents the symmetry that is found in nature all around us and is harmonized through striking colour patterns that touch the entire colour spectrum. These harmonious patterns make for a great focal point to help declutter the mind and bring you into inner attention.

I have spent a number of years researching and studying Sacred Geometry, Cymatics and Fractal Mathematics and all these disciplines help me in creating these colourful and intricate vibrational patterns. This type of art has ancient roots and is now being rediscovered as the consciousness of humanity is evolving.

In addition to my designs, I also carry a range of holistic products for energy clearing, protection, raising your vibration and divination as well as unique handmade crafts for your home, yoga studio or sacred space.

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