Reiki Nua – Albert Forde

Reiki Nua Albert Forde

Reiki Nua – Albert Forde


Albert Forde is a Reiki Master & Shamanic Practitioner. His one to one energy work sessions combines the two modules of Reiki & Shamanism to make Reiki Nua (New Reiki). Reiki is the life force energy or Kundalini that flows through all of us. Using combined skills and methods acquired from Reiki & Shamanic practices Albert aims to deliver effective results to clients. All his sessions are facilitated with high frequency crystalline energy tools. Albert Began his Reiki studies in 2015 and since then he has been on the path of Alchemy. To date, he has completed multiple courses in plant medicine, shamanic practitioners, Advanced Shamanic practitioners(Netherlands) (Spain)

Reviews & Testimonials

’I thoroughly enjoyed my treatments with Albert he is a true healer, working from the heart with a very loving caring and special soul! I would highly recommend his services!
Throughout my treatments, I could feel intense energy throughout my whole body & felt completely renewed afterwards. He also did some deep healing and removal of past energy blocks that needed to be removed. Since the treatments my life has transformed and I am truly grateful I honestly cannot thank him enough! ‘’

‘’ Albert is a kind and caring therapist with a beautiful heart. I have had a number of sessions with Albert and have found him to be intuitive and grounded in his healing work. I would highly recommend Albert as a therapist and practitioner ‘’

‘’Albert is an exceptionally kind and caring natural healer who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his healing work. Would highly recommend reiki with Albert he will make you feel at ease and relaxed in a safe space. Thanks, Albert ‘’

‘’ I feel very blessed to have had a reiki session with Albert. He’s an exceptionally talented healer who is very attuned to the client’s needs. A good listener & has a caring heart. Throughout the session, I felt safe & taken care of. I trust his abilities, & the core healing that he facilitated for me was very powerful, integrating & relaxing. So if you are looking for an energy healer, whether it’s for an illness, an emotional issue, a trauma, to
unburden, or to de-stress… I highly recommend you go see Albert. ‘’

‘’ Really amazing crystal healing I would thoroughly recommend Albert Forde for any healing work Thank you, Albert. ‘’

‘’ Genuinely feel an incredible change, feel so much more at ease with myself, throat chakra unblockage is definitely felt! I’m able to silence my mind momentarily too when I start imagining how clear my mind felt during those moments during the session! Cant actually explain the change im feeling tbh. So much weight has been lifted.. ‘’

To book a one to one session with Albert please call
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