Power of sound


Power of sound – Fiona McDonagh


This workshop will introduce you to Sound Therapy and explain what a Sound Bath is, the scientific theory behind it and how that can affect the attendees. You will also be introduced to the meditative state which can be achieved by being bathed in Sounds from various Sound Therapy instruments, including Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs and Ocean drum, to name but a few. Fiona will relate her story, how little she knew before she attended her first Sound Bath -Yes, she thought she was getting into a bath!!- and how that experience had such a profound effect on her. She will also share some of the feedback she has received from attendees, from easing anxiety, improving sleep, huge emotional shifts, without being anywhere near her (which is what blew her away at the first Sound Bath she attended).

The workshop will end with a sample Gong Bath with a Mercury Planet Gong and several other instruments.


Fiona McDonagh


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