Plastic Bioaccumulation



Plastic Bioaccumulation, Health Implications & Enhancing Detoxification using Herbal Medicine – Carina Harkin


Plastic is ubiquitous. Recent studies have highlighted that plastic is in bottled and tap water and in food products including honey, sugar and beer. 3-10 tonnes is estimated to fall on Paris per year. Global concern regarding the health implications is mounting, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) announcing a risk assessment review of plastics.

Meanwhile, we remain to eat, drink and inhale plastic without knowing what it is doing to us or indeed if we can eliminate it. Carina will discuss the scale of global microplastic contamination, where it comes from, how plastic enters the body, the health implications of inhaling and ingesting plastics and most importantly how plastic is detoxed and what are the most effective liver herbs to maximise plastic detoxification.

Learn how plastic affects Phase 1 & Phase II liver detoxification pathways and the importance of supporting our own self produced antioxidants. Carina will discuss specifically how ingested plastics, including phthalates & BPA, and inhaled plastics, including dioxins and furans are detoxed by these processes and what herbal medicine can maximise plastic metabolism and excretion.


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