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Natalie Mitchell


Natalie is a busy full-time mum to three young children and a Science and Maths teacher on a job share. Natalie’s little boy developed very bad eczema and seasonal asthma as a baby. She grew frustrated with the options that conventional medicine offered. Desperate to avoid more medication and steroids a friend introduced her to aromatic medicine. Like most people, she was a sceptic, but after spending a fortune on every cream on the market she said it was worth a try. Initial result showed slow improvements. After three months the eczema had completely gone, never to return. Diffusing the oils the little boy now no longer needs any inhalers.

Natalie also during this time starting to look into chemicals in the home and wanted to reduce toxic load, realising this impacted directly on our wellness.

She began to share the oils with some friends and family, who had other things like skin issues, back pain management, after effects from chemotherapy. They too were blown away with the results. Natalie feels compelled to empower people especially women to use their instinct and treat their families. She has become passionate about the power of these oils she felt it was her calling to spread the word about them and how they can be used to treat physical and emotional well-being.

Natalie thinks that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of certain essential oils. She couldn’t believe that this was scientifically proven yet nobody knew about it as an extremely effective alternative and makes it her mission to spread the word.

One person at a time, one drop at a time.


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