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22-Strand DNA Life Activation

We will be offering a taster of this most powerful healing. The 22-Strand DNA Life Activation awakens your divine blueprint heightening your connection with your Higher Self. It’s akin to been plugged back into your individuality.

LA enables you to bring in and hold more Light Energy in your physical body. It empowers you to maximise your potential to bring forth unrealised talents and abilities giving you more clarity. It begins the process of releasing old unconscious patterns (old emotional wounds) and clears family and genetic Karmic patterns.

This most sacred of healings is essential for everyone. We look forward to meeting you.



Emotional Cord Release

At the Modern Mystery School stand, Colette and Margaret are offering Emotional Cord Release. There are energetic Cords that connect each one of us to everyone in our lives, past, present. Through these cords, people can ‘pull’ on your energy and you are left feeling drained, exhausted, blocked. Perhaps you experience trouble letting go of a relationship. Sometimes all we need to clear is the energy field that surrounds the body. Afterwards, you will feel able to move forward in your life feeling lighter and freer than ever before.


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