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MARY JANE NEWMAN – Mind-Body Wisdom for Women’s Health & Wellness


I focus on helping women with chronic and serious illness, disease and ailments…to help you understand why your body is responding with its symptoms and simplify your path to health and wellness so that you can feel better and love your life.

• Have you been told you’ll have to live with your diagnosis for the rest of your life?
• Are you fed up with feeling unwell?
• Are you frustrated, scared or angry about constantly feeling less than your best?
• Are you afraid your symptoms will get worse?
• Have you been told you won’t get any better?
• Are your emotions overwhelming you?
• Are you trying to manage mental health concerns, as well as your physical symptoms?
• Have you undertaken many approaches to help yourself feel better, only to be the same or worse and feeling more frustrated, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

I believe we are all more than capable individuals who can achieve – and go on achieving – far more with our health and wellness, and in life overall than we already are. My approach is designed to support and encourage you through your own personal odyssey to health and beyond. I will be offering discovery sessions, which give insight into the root cause & theme of your symptoms, as well as EFT for supporting a sense of peace & calm. More information at


Mary Jane Newman