Martina Mee


Martina Mee – Psychic Medium and Healer


Martina from a young age has always noticed and sensed spirit around her. It wasn’t until later in life she began to understand how to work with angels and now connects with them on a daily basis teaching classes to others and offering guidance and support to those who need it.

Martina went on to understand and learn about her connection with Spirit and Passed loved ones. Not only is Martina able to connect with her own passed loved ones but those of others. Martina soon learned that not only did her readings offer support but it brought healing and guidance to help others in their lives. As Martina’s journey continued she was able to explain to people why certain things around them were happening by looking into their ancestry background and explaining what they must change to move forward as well as giving future guidance. Martina’s passion is to help people change their lives for the better, to stop living in the past and to move forward with content and happiness.

Martina can undertake psychic and Mediumship readings as well as Spiritual Assessments for those wishing to find out more about their own spiritual journey. She has also been privileged to work with children in difficult times and helping them through it.

Martina’s own statement “The guidance and information I pass onto others is not my guidance, I am just a channel from spirit, angels and guides and in doing so I am privileged to be a part of letting people heal or have comfort in knowing that all will be okay”.


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