Martin Robbins


Martin Robbins


Martin Robbins: MTI Massage Dip, Reiki 2, Thai Yoga Massage Dip, Bowen Technique, Voice training, Sound Healing Shamanic Practitioner

Author: “Shamanic Connection Box Set”, “A Concise Guide To A Life On Earth”


I have been on a spiritual path of various shades all my life but it wasn’t until I began training as a shamanic healer that I found and embraced the form of spirituality that really sang to my soul. My artistic creativity has evolved greatly as part of my personal shamanic practice.

The use of sound in my work has grown from mainly using the drum and rattle to including the voice as a healing tool. My use of the voice has deepened with my interest in the use of mantras and this practice has developed with the addition of learning the harmonium, which together with the voice creates an amazingly uplifting and healing experience.

I am very excited to see where this direction will take me.


Voice Meditation and Mantras