Lucie Fialova


Lucie Fialova

I have more than 17 years of experience in health care including body oriented arts, plants, yoga and optimum lifestyle. I am passionate about breath. I have discovered how deep, full breath can change lives – it has changed mine. I really feel that the depth of the breath has a direct effect on how we feel and ultimately on how we live.

I facilitate Breath Ceremonies inspired by Transformational Breath, Breath of Bliss and Biodynamic Breath. We use deep connected breath through the mouth, sound and movement to release tension, stress, trauma, and to expand our consciousness and access the true essence of who we are. I also offer individual sessions. I feel the breath acts as a light in our belief system and eases any resistance we might have towards living fully in alignment with ourselves and incomplete expression of who we are.

Our breath is a source of infinite inspiration, inSight, expansion, wisdom, divine knowing, connection, Love. Every day I am truly in awe of the many new discoveries of myself just through the breath. Come and find out for yourself, if you feel the call!


Breath Ceremony