Lana O’Farrell


Lana O’Farrell


Lana is a registered energy therapist and holistic wellness practitioner working with individuals, groups and companies. Lana helps her clients to restore their zest for life and to reboot their energy when it gets depleted through life’s unexpected twists and turns. She does this work through healing sessions, workshops and online courses, and through working with the very powerful and rare healing crystal Shungite. Lana speaks regularly at body, mind and soul events in Ireland and abroad, and is the author of the book ‘How to Mind your Energy Body’.

Lana believes that we can improve our lives immeasurably if we accept that there is ‘a better story’ of human existence. A better story that is based on understanding Universal and Human energy including unity, connectedness, wholeness, love and the magic of being. Through introducing this ‘better story’ into her clients’ everyday life, Lana helps them to recognise their true power and potential and start living the life they deserve. More information on


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