Lana O’Farrell


Lana O’Farrell

Lana is an energy healer and holistic wellness practitioner who helps her clients to restore their zest for life and to reboot their energy when it gets depleted through life’s unexpected twists and turns. Lana works through her healing sessions, online courses, workshops and events, and also through her favourite crystal – Shungite.

At Lana’s stall you will be able to chat with Lana about her work, and see how her workshops, online and off-line programs and her book ‘Mind your Energy Body’ can help you live the life that you dream of.

You will also see and experience shungite – a rare and unique crystal which harmonises energy and heals on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Shungite helps reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing as well as balance and harmonise your energy. It also protects against negative energies and against electro-magnetic and non-ionising frequencies of electrical appliances and electronic devices.

You can also have a healing session with Lana and experience the power of shungite working on any blockages in your physical body and your energy body, neutralising the effect of artificial electromagnetic and non-ionising frequencies in your body and giving you more strength, power, focus and clarity.


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