Jean Blake


Jean Blake – ThetaHealing Practitioner & Instructor


ThetaHealing is a modality using Theta brain waves to create a pathway to the subconscious mind where ancestral memories and belief systems reside that do not always serve in a positive way. These negative belief systems can be released, replaced with positive downloads and feelings that can change a person’s life instantly.

Unresolved Ancestral Beliefs take a vast amount of energy. Certain beliefs you have may conflict with other beliefs that you feel to be true and you may not know why you feel this about something. Ancestral beliefs are embedded in our DNA until we release them to the light. Resentments create a healthy distance from someone undesirable perhaps due to past trauma and these emotions along with anger reside in the liver /kidneys which become overstressed in their energy fields. The energy it takes to keep these in place is so vast that once released can open up so much Creative & Healing Energy waiting to be tapped into. Intuitive abilities grow and blossom thus creating the lifestyle you freely decide and not a life influenced by energies we cannot see but definitely feel.

A ThetaHealing session can start the process of freeing one from the grip of Fear, Anger, Resentments, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Abundance. Love messages can be confusing from a very young age so muscle testing “I know what it feels like to love and be loved may show up as negative. Finding the source of this belief picked up along the journey of life, releasing it and changing the belief to “I know how to be loved and how to love and that it is safe to love”.

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