Iga Chudzicka-Rauenzahn


Iga Chudzicka-Rauenzahn


Iga learned how unhealed trauma can affect one’s health and well-being through her own experience and personal crisis.

Looking for alternatives to westernized medicine she discovered the power of meditation, visualization, Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese medicine. She was lucky to continue her self-healing journey by being trained in Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS). Through that modality, she learned and mastered the healing power of breath and body awareness.

She soon realized that working with body and mind to help others is the dream of her life.

Iga’s passion for bodywork and body psychotherapy, coupled with her empathy and sensitivity, allow for her to offer effective BBTRS sessions and breathwork ceremonies. She is available for 1:1 breathwork sessions.


Breath Ceremony