Holistic Pet Products Ltd


Holistic Pet Products Ltd

Holistic Pet Products Ltd supplies a range of natural/ herbal supplements for pets, first aid remedies and pet food made from human-grade ingredients, free from additives and preservatives providing a correctly balanced diet for your pet.

We are a family business, life-long, crazy pet owners and we really do care about providing the best for pet welfare. The business was established in Ireland in 2009 with one simple objective – to supply natural, practical and ethical products for companion animals.

We believe in high standards of conduct and only work with quality suppliers who have similar standards to ours – in other words, people who genuinely care enough about animals to adopt an ethos about animal welfare and not compromise on their values. The dedication and experience we have witnessed behind our Hokamix and Grau suppliers guarantee we can trust their products.

Lila Loves It has a range of first-aid products using micro silver which has a natural antibiotic effect promoting healing and development of new skin structures. Their certified organic shampoos are compatible with the special pH balance of a dog’s skin. Each product complies with the requirements that govern the use of medicated skin care products for human use, including quality, sensitivity and ease of use. The Lila Loves It team are fully committed to animal welfare needs.

Please visit Stand 65 and check out our range of products and special offers on the day. I look forward to meeting you.

More information at Holisticpetproducts.ie