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Heal Your Life – Ways to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in daily Life – Ute Klingler


As a passionate EFT practitioner, I love to share with you how this easy to learn method can be used in many areas of your everyday life.

The theory behind Emotional Freedom Techniques is that we, as energy beings, store old emotional wounds as blocked energetic patterns in the body. Stimulating energy points removes the disturbance, allowing our body/mind system to process the troubling problem bringing back the body’s energy system into balance.

To treat yourself, all you have to do is gently tap the energy points with your fingertips while thinking about the thing that is upsetting you. In my workshops I show you the 5 simple steps to success:

1) Target the problem

2) Rate your feelings

3) Say an affirmation

4) Follow the tapping sequence

5) Take stock

Whether you want to lose fear, anxiety, phobia, sadness, guilt, you want to overcome procrastination, addictive cravings, you want to improve your performance in sports, work and even sex, or you want to enhance physical well-being and relieve pain, Meridian Tapping is the tool to choose.

My nationwide and international programmes are available for adults and children in groups or individual consultations in English or German.


Ute Klingler


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