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Emotional Resilience Skills​ – Lana O’Farrell


Do you find that other people’s negative emotions have a damaging effect on you?

Do they make you exhausted, stressed and anxious?

Or do you work with many people, and need to stay calm and professional despite your clients’ and customers’ negativity, anger, depression, etc?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then this workshop is for you.

Even when you cannot avoid other people’s negative emotions, you can avoid their negative impact. You can improve your emotional wellness through everyday ‘emotional resilience’ practices.

During this talk, Lana will explain how you can feel empowered and protected and communicate in a connected but emotionally safe way. You can achieve this using emotional energy awareness and powerful energy techniques, which will help you feel in charge of your emotional wellness and reduce the negative effects of emotional stress.


Lana O’Farrell


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