Breath Ceremony


Breath Ceremony – Lucie Fialova

Come and taste what your breath can do for you! Feel more of yourself! Live more! The quality of our breath directly affects the quality of our life.

The Breath Ceremony is designed so you can easily explore and witness whatever is currently alive for you, connect with the source of your own divinity and from the space of wholeness deeply heal, shift, unfreeze, feel, lighten up, accept, grow, align, ….to confidently own your Self and everything that is YOU Emotionally, physically, spiritually.

We co-create the space together to fully express the self, to dive into the depths and rediscover more of our selves how much more beautiful, more powerful, more loved, more light, more divine we are. We unfold ourselves to ourselves and every facet of the self possible. It is truly a journey of coming back home and seeing and loving and deeply accepting what is there – the light and the dark.

Please note that this is a shortened version of the whole 2h Breath Ceremony and the 1h breath journey.


Lucie Fialova


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