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Bernadette O’Connor is an Australian, travelling to Ireland in October 2019 to bring her second novel Beneath The Veil to its spiritual home on the West Coast of Ireland and to share Clara’s inspiring story of empowerment with Ireland.

Bernadette is a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP), Advanced Theta Healer and an international best-selling author. She writes to create change and grow the spirit. Golden threads of wisdom are woven richly and profoundly throughout her publications connecting her to a prodigious audience.

Her 2018 debut novel Let’s Go Home: Finding There While Staying Here has inspired readers to look within and find the truth of who they really are. Reviewed in the media as “Eat, Pray, Love, meets The Alchemist,” it was included in the 2019 Oscar’s Gift Bag and saw Bernadette appear live on Australian Breakfast TV Today Extra.

Bernadette’s second publication Beneath The Veil explores abuse by the patriarch. In the era of #metoo her work powerfully lifts the veil to encourage all women to rise to the new era of #weareone. Beneath The Veil has received 5-star international reviews and caught the eye of international film producers.

Working internationally as an Energy Practitioner, Bernadette helps others to clear emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, healing the pain of the past, reclaiming their power and tuning into their inner wisdom. Bernadette has been honoured to witness thousands of people come home to their truth—a return to love, which in turn is shared with the world.

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