Be Your Authentic Self

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Be Your Authentic Self – Dr Huma Tofique

How do you be your self?
How do you be your authentic self?
How do you stop acting for other people?
How do you stop being a people pleaser?
How do you honour your true self?


In order to live q happier healthier and more fulfilling life, the number one rule is to be your authentic self. And this requires that you live your life from the inside out rather than have others dictate how you live your life you do you charge and determine the course of your own life. The process of being your authentic self begins with acknowledging judgements against yourself and softening those judgements so that every part of yourself can be valued. You must learn to feel comfortable in your own skin. Once you understand and accept your real self, get comfortable with it. Allow self-critical thoughts to naturally dissipate. Forget about comparing yourself to others, including what they may think.

Unleash the power within in order to live a happier healthier and more fulfilling life. You only live once. Life is a beautiful journey. Live your life on your own terms. Release any guilt or self-limiting thoughts. The past is the past; it’s over, done. Be in the moment present and at peace with your identity.


Dr Huma Tofique


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