Antoinette Leong


Antoinette Leong – Shamanic Practitioner & Coach


Antoinette’s passion and purpose is to help people create wellness in their life. To live in their true nature and to align to their fullest potential. So whether your pain is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, Antoinette has methods and skills to assist.

She is qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner and Land Healer who has received the Munay Ki Rites. And is also certified as a Wellness Counsellor, Life Coach, Group Facilitator, Reiki Master, Access Bars and Rahinni Practitioner. She has over 7 years of professional experience doing coaching and has 25 years of experience as a lay healer.

Using Shamanism, she accesses universal knowledge to help you find answers. Through Energy Healing, she helps people tap into the universal life force energy to dissipate stress, encourages healing and wellness.

Through coaching, Antoinette helps people find and develop their personal skills to bring more balance and wellness into their everyday life. When people are more fully themselves, living their life purpose becomes easier.

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