Advanced Core Illumination Healing


Advanced Core Illumination Healing – Dermot O’Hara

Dermot O’Hara

Visionary Storyteller Healer Mindful Mentor  Actor  Singer  Songwriter  Author and Grandfather

Presents his Craft

Advanced Core Illumination

Integration Healing

  • Explore this powerful transformational Healing process with me as I guide you on your own individual inner journey of Illuminated Integration Healing.
  • Illuminate from the highest point of vibrational light the source of unconditional Love to heal yourself and share with others
  • Learn to become the real you.
  • Integrate the Illumination process of your Core healing and development on a deep cellular level.
  • Reclaim you flow of Creativity to manifest a new path to support and connect in harmony of Mind Body and Soul
  • Release collective Generational trauma and negative mind limited programming
  • Find your inner power the source of all the Spiritual oneness of all Creation at a deep Core level.
  • Discover how your individual process of illumination uniquely guides you to awaken to your true self the source of all experiences.
  • Learn to develop and maintain your Stillness Within to discover your path home to your self-empowerment.
  • Develop a consistent awareness of your inner power at a Core Illumination level to fully Integrated Mind Body & Soul to manifest real sustainable change in your life.

There are no quick fixes in the healing journey to your Core. This work is a journey not a destination. It has the power to raise consciousness to evolve to a higher place of awareness in the present moment. The time is long overdue for us all to unite and share our knowledge for the greater good of all creation. This I believe is as the Creator would have us do. I invite you to enter and explore this journey with me as your Gatekeeper. I wish to share with you the craft I have developed over the past 38 years of my own personal healing journey as a Wounded Healer. Come and work with me as I guide you on an amazing Journey of self healing to re-awaken your true self the source of Spiritual oneness that lies asleep inside all of us. We are all connected by the one source of Creation but many of us have lost our connection and forgotten our way home to ourselves. This path will lead you to reconnect to your source of Stillness Within and Illuminate your Soul reconnection at a core level. Learn how to hold sacred space for yourself and others to heal regenerate, transform, purify, release and reconnect deeply within the core of your being to illuminate with Joy and Love.

For us to truly evolve to manifest and maintain positive change in our lives we must first learn how to rebuild a sense of trust and safety within and around ourselves at the core level of our emotional body soul connection.  As Spiritual beings we often struggle with the challenges of growth and our need to fully embrace change in our human dimension. Change can often appear as a difficult time in our life-path as  we often struggle embrace it while endeavouring to maintain a balanced integrated Mind Body Soul connection . However often when we look back in hindsight having fully learnt and integrated the insight from our experience we often wonder what all the fuss was about.

We grow and evolve by being constantly tested to maintain our inner spirit presence to maintain a harmonized Mind Body Soul connection in the current moment of our human reality. This connection is constantly tested as the Universe is in constant movement and flux outside of our control. This challenges us to embrace change in order for us to grow as we seek to maintain our core connection t all our dimensions. For each of us there is a different medicine to support us in this process as no two souls are the same. However we do sometimes choose to cross paths and connect at a deep core level with others along the way for support and learning. Very often relationships with others are set up for us to become guides, teachers and mirrors of shadow and light for each other along the way. This work takes us deep within our individual core to take responsibility and address our unconscious transference/ fear from  within on to the  outer relationship experiences of our  reality as we perceive it to be in that moment. However to move forward in our personal growth we need to learn how to remain fully integrated and connected to our Core at a mind body soul level in that moment to address the issue and remove the repetitive pattern from our dysfunctional programme of our behaviour. When a moment like this presents itself to us to move forward and embrace change we need to remain fully integrated in the moment. If we fail to remain integrated in the moment we can often split off and head back into the vicious circle to repeat the lesson again having failed to confront the pattern in the moment and change the outcome. If we split off and lose our integrated Core connection we fail to break out of it and so the comfort zone is revisited and opportunity to move forward and heal in that moment is missed until the next time we recreate the lesson again.

The quest for us Spiritual beings here is to learn how to manifest self illumination and to integrate that awareness energetically to manifest within our physical reality. Everything is energy so as you change your energy so does your life experiences also change.

As Einstein once said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way, this is not philosophy. This is physics. When you match the energy of what you need to attract it manifests.”

I believe our purpose on Earth it to learn as Spiritual beings from each other how to integrate fully into our human emotional energetic bodies and hold our sacred space within our core of Illumination to manifest a reality around us of unconditional love. The quest for us Spiritual being is to learn how to maintain healthy balanced human boundaries and manifest self illumination without becoming judgemental or dependent on another soul or group to maintain our core source of awareness. When we individualize we quickly learn how to achieve this as we access an inner power to illuminate a sustainable flow of light for ourselves and others. This manifests a safe supportive space where we can all spiritually connect and feel supported at a deeply connected core level. This supports our  inner emotional energetic body to create the outer secure sustainable environment we need around us to trust and take a risk to raise our awareness consciously in that moment to integrate within the neural pathways our human brain to manifest conscious change.

As a gatekeeper my job is to hold this space for others to enter their illumination process. When holding space in my events workshops or private one to one sessions my intention is for others to Illuminate and fully integrate from their process in the present moment. From the Integration process we become fully present in the moment and quickly learn why we chose to incarnate here on earth as we begin to develop second sight and experience instant karma of Universal law. If you send out negativity it returns to teach you the lesson. As someone once told me, Experience is a very hard Teacher as you get the test first and the lesson later.

I invite you to join with me as I share with you my Craft, Advanced Core Illumination Integration Healing.  Awareness of this craft developed with my awareness over the past 30 years working as a Healer. In my work I hold the space of the Gatekeeper as I guide you to enter your Core process of Illumination. The goal of this process is to achieve an illuminated level of self awareness. To achieve this you need to go deep within to find your power source and integrate it at a core level within your conscious mind.

The journey of self empowerment leads us to a place of inner harmony and peace once we learn how to illuminate our Shadow. The test here upon Mother Earth is how to remember that we are the source of all power within our perceived reality and that we can change it by changing your energy at a Core level. To achieve this we are required to integrate the illumination process at a deep inner Core level from the source of all that is within and around us.

Integration process work is vital for you to achieve and maintain your own unique inner individual foundation stone of self empowerment. By recovering the Core source connection of Spiritual power and Stillness Within you will quickly learn how vital this is to your physical mental health and wellbeing.

Through our lives many of us unconsciously develop outward energetic dependencies. These dependencies often support addictive behavioural patterns to form in our life experiences. This happens when we are surviving under the shadow of Ancestral influences that can go back generations within our Families lineage. Where necessary I remedy this source of disruption by holding the space for what I call Ancestral Family Healing to take place.       When we learn how to illuminate at our Core we can individualize and reconnect to a constant independent sustainable flow of energy. This in turn relieves the inner cravings at a deep Core level resulting in the gradual weaning from the outer addiction or dependent behaviour at its source within the Core of our being.

To support you in achieving this I teach you how to build and hold a strong energetic Core container within and around you. When you learn how to create this it gives you the ability to restore and reinforce your energetic boundaries. By learning to maintain this we create balance to harmonize your Mind Body and Soul awareness in the present moment by discovering your Stillness Within.

The Core container nurtures your soul connection within and around your physical body to maintain a consistent vibrational flow of energy to support you to replace the old behaviour. By achieving this you quickly learn how to maintain the changes required to keep you fully connected and present in the moment.

My craft of Illumination switches on the light in the dark room of your unconscious so you can clearly see where the behavioural changes required for you to manifest in your conscious reality.  As your Gatekeeper I guide you through your Core journey of self empowerment to a place of Integrated Illumination. By learning how to hold your ground energetically you will illuminate a sustainable flow of energy for yourself and unconditionally for others. I have developed this Craft working as a healer over the past 30 years. My Craft has over many years supported many to feel safe at a deep core level to address many issues.

I facilitate many areas of Healing such as Sleeplessness, Night Terrors, Back Pain, High Blood Pressure, Infertility, Digestive problems, Bullying, Self Esteem, Depression, Ancestral Family Lineage Healing, Past life experiences, PTSD, Relationships, Sexual Abuse, Verbal, Psychical and Domestic Violence, Panic Attacks, Rape, Hostile Fire Battle Fatigue, Addictions, Social Anxieties, Suicide Ideation, Traumas, Depression and many more.

When we awaken to our self awareness of Illumination it reflects back on us all from within our collective illuminated reality creating for us a powerful energetic field of support.  You hold the power at your core to create your own reality. This power lies within all of us it’s just that when we arrive in the human dimension we become separated dulled down disconnected from our source of Illumination and forget. By discover the Stillness Within our mind body soul connection begins to harmonize as we reconnect to the power within to manifest Peace and Harmony in our outer life. This is a Universal Truth as you cannot have one without the other.

Learn with me how to raise your awareness consciously to embrace change in the present moment of your reality. By becoming fully present in the moment you can quickly learn why we chose to incarnate here on earth as we begin to experience the instant karma of Universal law.  If you send out negativity it returns to teach you the lesson. As wise person once told me, “Experience is a very hard Teacher. As you get the test first and the lesson later”.

The journey of self empowerment can sometimes be like this. It can lead us to a place of inner harmony and peace once we learn how to illuminate the darkness of our unconsciously projected Shadow. The test is how to remember that we are the source of all power in creating the reality we experience. To remember this we are required to integrate the awareness of the illumination process at a deep inner Core level. This in turn re-connects us to the Spiritual power source of all that is within Creation as one.

When we awaken and consciously integrate our self awareness of Illumination it reflects back on us from within our collective Illuminated reality. This creates for us a powerful energetic field of support reinforcing our sense of soul connection to manifest within and around us an illuminated reality some would call Heaven on Earth. The Illuminated reality is where we create a place of coming home to ourselves and learn to anchor our harmonious inner balance of Mind Body & Soul connection on a deeply Integrated Core level. When we learn to hold this perception and integrate this awareness into our reality, it will sustain and support our continued soul path of Illuminated Love. This reinforces our core to manifest a powerful energetic field around us as we move forward on our newly illuminated path.

 If we blindly feed our addiction of disconnection and remain stuck in our dulled down numbed out comfort zone we will find ourselves turning back to our old familiar addictive behaviour. The old patterns of behaviour supported by the Shadow enable the cycle of disconnection and addiction to crawl back in and continue. When this happens we re-enter our comfort zone of disconnected dysfunctional behaviour of denial and once again become at ease with our dis-ease. If this happens we may find it more difficult to reconnect to our Core Container of inner power. Our unconscious shadow can prevent us from embracing the required steps to manifest change to Illuminate our path of recovery . As we again unconsciously recycle our old familiar dysfunctional behavioural patterns instead of daring to embrace change to manifest the blessings we truly deserve here in the human dimension.

The human experience for us Spiritual Beings is designed to challenge and teach us how to individually and collectively evolve here as we endeavour to engage fully in the great Human experiment of bringing Heaven to Earth. The unconscious superpower of the human mind can often make a liar of us as we so often say one thing and do another.  As I look around me today I see a lot of work for us all still to be done here.

May Peace prevail on Earth.

Brightest Blessings of Illumination to your path



Dermot O’Hara


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